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grafitowe zabrze pytania

In order to give you every information concerning the investment we have created section with frequent questions asked by our Customers. You can find here important information regarding the investment, standard of the finishing touch, developer act and support programs for prospective Clients. This solution is suppoused to introduce the conditions we offer. However, if you have further questions our advisers are waiting for your calls.


How many flats are there going to be?

There are going to be two four-storey building with 60 flats on three floors and underground designed for a parking place.

Are there garages or cells included in the offer?

Yes. In order to meet requirements of our Customers we have designed underground garage with two kind of parking places. There are individual, closed places where you can store car and other things and there is also common parking. With the aim of simplifying communication between garage and flat we have installed a lift that goes down to the level -1.

Has the housing estate a full infrastructure?

Yes, there are common parts and the terrain in the area of the housing estate. Internal roads, pavement and greenery.

Will I be the owner of the flat?

Yes, there are only owner-occupied flats. In the final notarial deeds, which transfer the ownership, the perpetual book will be assigned for every apartment where the buyer will be the owner.

What does it mean the flats are rent-free?

It means that you won’t have to pay the rent. The residents will only be obliged to pay costs of managing of the common property and advance payment for renovation fund according to established rates. These rates will be approved by the majority during the meeting of the community.

What are the costs of maintaining a flat?

The housing cooperative will be established after the first contract that transfers the ownership will be concluded. The future residents will decide about the costs of managing of the investment and as far as we are concerned, it is the best way of managing. The average costs of maintaining a flat are 1,5 – 2,5 zl/sq m but it is up to the residents.


If I’m interesed in purchasing a flat what  the further steps are?

We have introduce online system where you can reserve a flat. This adventage allows booking a flat at any time and place. This reservation is valid for 48h. During this time our consultant will contact you in order to discuss further details. Next you would have to sign a booking contract where you declare willingness to buy a given flat while the investor commits himself to not offer this flat to anyone during duration of the contract.

The President of Zabrze took a decision concerning a building permit of The Graphite Zabrze. This decision became legally valid on January 7th, 2014. The procedures regarding opening trust account for the investment are in progress. When they come to an end we will inform our Customers who signed booking contracts. Then these Customers will have to pay booking fee of 5000zl within 7 days after getting a notification. This step causes the contract takes effect. During the next 30 days you will have time for taking a final decision about the purchase and for verifying your credit rating. If the final decision is positive, preliminary contract (notarial deed), must be concluded. It will be called Development Agreement according to the  Development Act. At this moment, the booking fee will be put down on deposit on the price of a flat. If the Development Act will not be concluded the booking contract will no longer be legal tender and the advance payment will be returned to the Customer within 7 days.

When do I have to pay for a flat?

You will be obliged to make payment after finishing each stages of building. We expect 6 stages:
I INSTALMENT – 25%  of the value of the flat including the booking fee – after building underground garage
II INSTALMENT – 25% of the value of the flat – after ending shell construction
III INSTALMENT – 10% of the value of the flat – after finishing wiring system, plumbing and plaster.
IV INSTALMENT – 10% of the value of the flat – after installing central heating and screed
V INSTALMENT – 10% of the value of the flat – after finishing front elevation
VI INSTALMENT – 10% of the value of the flat – after finishing garden architecture
VII  INSTALMENT – 7 days before the day of the handing over

What documents are required in order to sign a contract?

If you want to sign a booking contact you need your identity card, driving licence or passport.


Do you help in completing all formalities with a bank regarding a credit?

Yes, we have a partnership with different banks, that is why it is quicker to get a credit.  These banks carried out detailed analyses of the investment and investor. Additionally, the banks check the Client’s situation.

What information are needed to establish creditworthiness?

The initial analysis consists of a dozen or so basic questions about living situation, age, income, conditions of getting an income, other bank’s commitments and monthly expenses.

Is the investment mordgaged?

No, the Graphite Zabrze investment has been under construction thanks to investor’s funds therefore there is no mortgage charge. The forth land registry is free of any land registration. We are not financially dependent on any bank what proves out Client’s can feel safe.


What does STAN DEWELOPERSKI mean? 

S.D. means you have freedom of organizing your own, perfect flat. We offer much more than it is in standard because in our offer there are also: floor heating, porte-fenetre windows and electric external blinds. Apart from such luxuries, flats are equiped with wiring system, sockets, plumbing, central heating, ventilation and teletechnical installations. There are also: plaster on the walls, screed on the floor and front door to the apartment. Detailed information you can find in our informative prospectus.

What kind of materials is the building made of?

Load-bearing walls are reinforced concrete, adjoining walls between separate apartments are made of silicates (thickness: 25cm), partition walls between separate rooms in apartments are  made of brick (thickness: 12,5). The building is insulated with polystyrene foam (thickness: 15cm).

What kind of heating is there?

The Graphite Zabrze investment will be supplied with the heat by the Municipal Heat Supply Company in Zabrze. We tried to choose an option friendly for our future residents.

Is the building supplied with the gas?

No it isn’t.

Where can I read a water meter and calorimeter?

There are two separate water meters and calorimeters that are placed in recessed boxes in every flat. The plumbing and central heating start at this point.

How the acceptance of the construction investment look like?

After finishing the building and all connected works and when all payments will be paid the future resident signs protocol of transfer and receipt. At this point the Client gets bunch of keys to the apartment and to the building and what is more he/she can start putting finishing touch.

Who will manage the housing estate and on what conditions?

The housing cooperative will have to make a decision on this matter.

What kind of warranty do the building have?

DMT Progress company ensures that structural elements of the building comes with a five-year warranty since getting the occupancy permit. All other rules regarding the guarantee are in accordance with provisions of the civil code.


What is a Development Act?

The Development Act protects the rights of people who are going to buy a flat or a house. It was introduced in Polish law on April 29, 2012.

What is informative prospectus?

It is a document issued by the investor on demand of the Client or an annex to the contract, where the Client can find all important information about property developer, the investment and the flat.

Does the investment posses a trust account?

Yes, the Graphite Zabrze posses a trust account in conformity with development act.


What is the purpose of the program and who is its creator?

The Simple Architecture is both inventor and creator of program. The program helps young people to buy their first own flat.

What are the conditions that must be met in order to take part in this program?

Married people who are not older than 35 years old can excercise a privilege to this program, yet only one person in marriage cannot exceed this age. The beneficiaries cannot have their own flat, house or co-operative right to premises neither now nor in the past because the program helps to buy the first own flat. Additionally, the annual income of the family cannot exceed 70 000zl.

What are the profits of this program??

The program provides subsidies to 50 square meter flat:
-5 % for childless marriages,
-10 % for marriages with one child,
-12,5 % for marriages with more than one child

Which flats take part in the program?

40% of our flats (24 flats) take part in the program. These flats have a special symbol BdM.


How does this program works?

The program helps young people to buy their first own flat.

What are the conditions that must be met in order to take part in this program?

The beneficiaries of the program may be single people and married, who are up to 35 years old. The beneficiaries cannot have their own flat, house or co-operative right to premises neither now nor in the past, because the program helps to buy the first own flat. The another condition is that the Client has to pay 50% of the value of the flat.

Which flats take part in the program?

Flats – only primary market – with the maximum area of 75m2 take part in the program. However, parents with three or more children can count on bigger flat (85 sq m).

What are the profits of the program?

The program provides subsidies to 50 square meter flat:
– 10 % for single and childless people
– 15% for marriages with one or more children
– there is also a possibility of a refund (another 5%), if marriages within 5 years after the purchase of the flat would have the third or another children.

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