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1 sq m of the flat

1 sq m of the balcony

1 sq meter of the patio

3690 zł/2850 zł*

1500 zł

1250 zł

*The price possible only with the maximum support of the programs “We built for the Young” and “Flat for the Young”. More information abaut the programs here: Build for Young,  Flat for Young

parking place in underground parking garage:


individual, closed

20 000 zł

23 000 zł

As a part of The Graphite Zabrze investments, both existing customers who bought a three-room flat and those who will decide to purchase the apartment to the end of April 2014, they all will get a bathroom or kitchen design included in the price of the apartment together with the turnkey construction.


These are all gross prices. Price of a given flat include the price of a balcony or a patio. We have stressed prices in order to show out Clients that the price of a square meter of a flat is different than the price of a balcony or a patio.


Parking place is optional.
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